Chapter 3.4 – Baby Overload

Chapter 3.04.jpg

Ok, this chapter went a lot more smoothly than the last couple! Let’s hope it keeps up! Also, may seem random right now, but I am really hating aliens right now. With a passion.


Cerys: Psst! Guess what?

Ciri: What?

Cerys: I caused a lot of problems when it was time for me to grow up!


Ciri: Heehee I know! You should totally do it again when you become a teen!

Cerys: Haha that would be awesome!

No it would not! No more glitches!


Anyway, last time the twins grew up, but I only had a picture for one of them. I finally got the other one so here they are! Actually I just realized I have two pictures of the same toddler. Awkward. Well this one is Yennefer. She got Cress/Debbie’s hair and Alex’s eyes.

And I found one of Priscilla although it’s not the ideal closeup. But it works.


Here she is! She got Alex’s hair and Cress/JJ’s eyes.


And Sam is the first one to realize we have a laundry room in this house!

Sam: I do love the smell of clean clothes!

How would you know? You’ve never smelled it.

Sam: But I hear it smells heavenly!


Sam: Actually I don’t quite feel like doing the laundry right now. The clothes can just wait here for a bit.


Cerys found the block table!


Ciri: It’s so nice and sunny out today! Wanna go swim in the pool?

Cerys: I have a much better idea!


Cerys: So you see, the  outside is filled with vile, horrifying things like roaches the size of your fist and blood-sucking fiends!

Sam: Oh that’s disgusting!

Bart: This planet is terrifying!

Ciri: Yeah… This is so much better than swimming…


Alex: Someone left a pile of laundry here. That’s ok, I’ll get it cleaned up.


Alex, did you drop the pile again?

Alex: I don’t know what you’re talking about.


You look like you’re concentrating hard.

Ciri: I must get this just right.


Ciri: Voila. A delicious fudgy M&M-filled cookie!


Bart: I see human-mother has done some upgrades. I approve of this.


Bart: Sim-grandfather, your movements are distracting while I attempt to view the box.

Sam: Oh cheer up young lad! Join me!


Sam: Do I spy another set of twins?

Oh God. Please no.


Bart: And he was acting like he was performing for an audience and would not stop!

Ciri: Yeah, gramps sure does love to dance. You kinda get used to it.


Hey you’re finally cleaning up your mess! Took long enough.


Alex: The stupid dishwasher is broken!

Yeah, pretty much everything is right now. It’ll have to wait till after the toddlers are skilled.


Cress: The toddler is on the move and I can’t keep an eye on her! Oh my Plumbob don’t draw on the walls or anything!


Bart: What do I do!? I am not trained for this situation!

Cress: You’d think I’d be used to this by now!


Alex: Not in front of the kids! They’ll be scarred for life!


Cress: Take me to the hospital then!

K so funny story, somehow in the short time between when Cress and Alex left for the hospital and the time the baby is actually born, I completely forgot that Cress was in labour and that she had gone to the hospital. And I quit the game cause I didn’t feel like playing anymore that day (which I just don’t do. I would have waited till the baby was born to quit)

So then the next day I opened up my game and like two seconds later I got that “Congratulations! What would you like to name your baby?” popup and I was like “What? Since when was Cress in labour?” and I clicked to go to her and it took me to the hospital and I was like “What!? When did you go to the HOSPITAL? I’m controlling you I should know where you are!” And I was so confused cause I had no idea. But obviously I did at one point cause I have pictures of it. So yeah. I don’t know how I forgot she was having a baby like right after it began, but somehow it happened.


Cress: There. I gave you a boy. Happy now?

YES! SO HAPPY! K get ready for this. Meet Avallac’h Roche Zoltan Eskel Sanity. Yes. I used all the boy names I potentially wanted to use and slammed it all onto this one kid. I’m so proud of myself.

Arze is absent-minded and mean-spirited. He likes roots, cookies, and the colour grey.

Names used (from left to right)

Avallac’h is an elf who was watching over/guiding/protecting what have you Cirilla. I always tend to like the elves in stuff like this, just cause elves are like my favourite race, and he was no different! He was awesome from the start and even though the game kind of pushes you to think he’s up to something bad, I just had a good feeling about him anyway.

Vernon Roche (with a sh not like Roach) is a commander in the military, and I dunno I just liked him right away.

Zoltan Chivay is a dwarf friend of Geralt and has quite the personality! He is amusing and adds a lot to whatever situation he is in!

Eskel is a fellow witcher. He is the calm and collected one and my favourite of the witchers!


Alex: *Sigh* There’s another one.

Oh God. This means I have FOUR babies in the house right now.

Twin sets caused by Sam: 3.

This one is Johnny. Yes she is named after a boy, but I didn’t really have any other girl names I wanted to use. At least Johnny kinda sounds unisex-ish? She is a snob and a loner and likes classical music, goopy carbonara, and white.

4.6 Johnny

Johnny is a godling and helps us for a bit on our quests. He also likes to sing.


Ciri: Twins again!? Are you guys gonna stop pumping out kids now?


Cress: Oh man I still have so much to do with these ones before their birthday!

Ciri: Well then why’d you have another two so soon after these ones were born?

Hey, I needed a boy and your mom is getting really close to becoming an adult.


You know, you’ll be raking a looong time if you want to get all those leaves.

Ciri: Nonsense, I just need enough for a big pile!


Cress: What have I done to myself? This is crazy! Four babies is too many!


Oh my God seriously!? She was just heading to take care of the infants, whose social bars are dropping pretty low, when the STUPID ALIENS CAME FOR CRESS! I hate how you can’t cancel out that interaction! Both the other adults are asleep and the babies need social interaction!!!!!


I’m sorry Arze, as soon as your mom comes back she’ll take care of you guys.


SERIOUSLY!?!?!? This is a completely different spaceship – note the moodlet she already has of being abducted. I HAVE BABIES TO CARE FOR!

I seriously doubt the abduction rate is only 1 or 2%. Apparently it’s higher if you have space rocks in your inventory, but everyone has ZERO space rocks. and no telescopes have been used or anything! I’m gonna have to download a no abduction mod or something. Or at least see if there’s one that lets you cancel the interaction. This is ridiculous!


And Ciri’s still out making her leaf pile. You should maybe go to bed. It’s like 3 am.

Ciri: Nah this is more important than sleep.


Ituxi Uzopoc: I had to check up on the substitute mother for my son. It is not my fault another alien got her as well.


Yup. Meet Bart’s mom.


Cress: Please, no more! A sim can only handle so much probing!


Great. She was gone so long Priscilla woke up and is hungry on top of the babies still needing their social needs met.


Cress: Oh baby, you don’t know what I went through to get here to take care of you. It was horrible! Never be abducted!


Alex: The baby is crying.

Yes, so pick it up and do something with it!


Alex: I’m not sure I know what to do with it.

Well, at least the other adults are up and can sort of help out! I kid I kid they’re actually pretty good with taking care of the kids when Cress is busy.


Cerys: And it suddenly got all foggy but mom could see these lights through the fog and then POOF she was gone! And when she came back she said she’d seen your mother.

Bart: Cool. It’s nice to know mother is keeping an eye on me. Maybe one day she will come take me to our planet.


Cress: Just learn to talk already! It’s your birthday soon and you need to get this down pat before then!

Cress may be a little stressed at the moment.


Hey Thorne is the first to have a baby in this new world!


Bart: Look at the colour of these leaves! I feel like I am in a whole other world right now!


Sam: Am I doing this right?

Cerys: Hell yeah! You just scored me another 100 points! Go Grandpa!


Bart found the chess table!

Bart: The best way to increase my logic and brain capacity is to play against myself. Playing against a human would have the opposite effect.

Cress: YES! Duster! Duster! That’s it! You said it! Oh Plumbob we’re finally getting somewhere!


Alex: Kid, all you gotta do is hit the stick on the keys and they make noise. It’s really quite simple.


Yen: Hit stick?


Yen: It did make noise! 😀


And suddenly Alex is outside the house growing older. He was just inside playing with Yen…


Oh God he looks creepy.


It’s also the youngest twins’ birthday! Johnny went first, even though Arze was born first, because he was busy getting his needs met.

She got the blue hair and eyes and LOOK!




Arze also got the blue hair, but got Alex’s eyes, and he ALSO got the ears!! One of these guys just might end up being heir.


Bart: You know Cerys, you are a pretty cool sister, for a human.

Cerys: Aw thanks buddy!

The siblings this gen are so nice to each other!


Cress: Ok, one more skill for you. Come on Yen make your momma proud.

Yeah, she hasn’t been doing much else besides toddler skilling lately. The kids are on a pretty nice rotation, and when one/two are sleeping, the others are awake to be skilled. Cress, meanwhile, has been using a lot of the moodlet manager.


Ciri: Bart was right! It really does feel like I’m in a whole ‘nother world!


You know, I believe Priscilla is the first to have maxed any of the toddler skills.


Ciri: Oh my Plumbob!



Cerys: RAWR!

Ciri: Even from way back there she’s frightening!


Cress: I tried to get here in time.

ALEX! I know it was you! Just cause you have a carpool to catch doesn’t mean you can just leave food cooking unattended!


Cress: It’s all good. I’ll get this put out in no time.


It was the tiniest fire, but it was still enough to get Sam and Bart, on their way to their carpool/bus to stop and freak out, and then stay home for the day.

Bart: How can I go to school when I just witnessed a fire in my own kitchen?

Sam: Yeah plus the dishwasher is still broken. Someone needs to get that fixed.

What and that’ll be you?


I feel like Ciri and Cerys may have teamed up and stolen a gun to wave around and force a police officer into the cell. Sounds about right with this family.


Cerys: So I know it doesn’t sound like it would work, but vegetarian lobster thermidor is like the best thing ever!

Bart: It is fascinating how one can make meat and seafood vegetarian-friendly.


Bart: My favourite dish, however, is already vegetarian. A simple salad will suffice for me.


Cerys: RAWR

Aw man I got a plumbob in the mirror. I try to avoid stuff like that.


Ciri: GAH! Why do you only ever scare me!? You’re nice enough to Bart!


Bart: I have been promoted to King of the Aliens. All will bow before me.


Cress: Oh sweet Plumbob finally! And with a day to spare!

It helps that she doesn’t have a job. I doubt I would be able to pull this off if she did have one.


Since the older twins are skilled, and the younger ones are asleep and therefore cannot be skilled at the moment, Cress uses this time to repair some of the damaged appliances.


Cress: Now will everyone stop complaining about the broken dishwasher?


Bart: I am becoming older!

Oh sorry Bart, I didn’t even throw a party!


I see you’re embracing your alieness.

Bart: I feel most comfortable in my native alien attire.


Bart didn’t do all that great in school, and had easily impressed locked in.


And the first thing he does is help feed the now-awake and hungry toddlers! I ❤ you Bart!


Also Ciri got on the honor roll but I forgot to take a screenshot of the notification. This works just as well though! +5


Cool I didn’t know aliens had this need instead of energy. I noticed when Bart was just not going to sleep after he grew up so went to check cause he should have been tired, and saw this instead!


Cress: Oh not again!

Are you freaking kidding me?


Uzopoc: Just checking up on my favourite grandson!

Yeah he’s an Uzopoc, so I figured he must be related somehow.


Ugh it’s nice of you to help out, Bart, but she is NOT tired!


Ciri: I can fly!


Ciri: This thing is awesome! Why haven’t I used it before!?

Beats me. No one had used it until now.


No one had used this either!


Ituxi Uzopoc: I have arrived for the birthday celebrations. This is the attire preferred by human sims, is it not?

Bart: This is embarassing.

Haha since Cress had been abducted by her, they were acquaintances and I thought I’d see if she showed up if she were invited.


Ituxi Uzopoc: It is like being teleported to another world!

What is with everyone and the leaf pile?


Iko: I bring hamburgers!

Kai: Hi sis! What up?

Iko: You literally just saw me back at the house.


Alex: It feels like just yesterday that I was helping Yen learn how to use the xylophone. And now she’s growing up! Why does it go so fast!?

Sam: Well while you’re having your moment, there is a tree calling my name. Must go.


Ituxi Uzopoc: This is how you “rock the bass” yes? I am “getting the party started?”


Birthday time!


First up is Priscilla, who is now a couch potato.

Yen, where are you? It’s your turn now!


Yen: Something went terribly wrong.


Luckily, we were able to rescue her and get her to her cake!


She is now a heavy sleeper!


And finally, it is Ciri’s turn!


Sam: HAHAHA she’s totally gonna pass out!

Don’t do it Ciri! Just a little longer and you can go to bed!


Sam: EW someone peed their pants! Wasn’t me though! Definitely wasn’t me!

Ugh Sam thanks a lot. -5


Iko: Aw my little niece is all grown up.

And she’s a pretty little thing!


Ciri: Like what else is new?

No really though she is quite gorgeous.


She is now a virtuoso!

And that is where I leave it! This chapter is long enough already!


Self-wetting (6) -30
Passing Out (7) -35
Service-sim Visit (1) -5

Births (10) +50
Twin Births (3) +30
Honour Roll (9) +45

Fulfilling LTW (3) +120
Randomizing LTW for 1 generation (2) +20
Not using happiness points for 1 generation (2) +20

Painting of TH (3) +15

Total: +230

Chapter 3.4 – Baby Overload

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