Chapter 3.3 – A Brand New Family

Chapter 3.03.jpg

So! Last we left off, this family went all corrupt on me and I couldn’t save them. So I cheated to get them back. I had all but the kids saved, so I just pulled up Cress and Alex and used play with genetics to get Ciri and Cerys back. They may look a bit different, but whatever. Then I added Sam, Debbie, Fae, and JJ to the family as well, as young adults.

I just realized I should have taken pictures and such so this isn’t one block of text. Oh well. Too late now.

Anyway, then I moved them into a random house and used master controller to get the proper relationships between everyone sorted out and to get Fae, JJ and Sam’s LTWs completed, and to up the painting skills for everyone who had them, then had everyone paint portraits of everyone who had one. Then I force aged Fae, JJ, Sam, and Debbie to elder and killed off Fae, JJ and Debbie. I then waited till around midnight and instant babied Alex with whatever alien was present in order to replace Bart, and aged him up to child. And I pollinated Cress so she was pregnant again. I also put everyone back to the general age they were at before this happened so they weren’t all back at the beginning of their life bars.

THEN I moved in Cinder, Iko, Kai, and Thorne into a house together and realized I could not edit their relationship to Cress, which will be mentioned at the appropriate time in the chapter. I did not, however, move in Charlie, Wolf, Jody, Dean (was he still alive? I can’t remember) or Cas. It was too much work, so I just left it at the siblings.


Cress: Where are we?

Bart: Is there a TV here?

Oh yeah. And I moved them into a different house. I didn’t have the one I built saved and I didn’t feel like re-building it, so I downloaded a nice house and moved them into it. I did replace that car though. They don’t have the police car anymore (although I could buy debug that but don’t feel like it. No one’s a police officer anyway)


Got a quick crypt set up in the basement. Unfortunately when I killed off the dead people, they didn’t give me their nice urns. Just the generic grey boxes. Maybe something about the cheated LTW didn’t register to give them nice ones? So I used buy debug to give Fae and JJ their gold urns, and Debbie her grey-but-nicer-than-a-box urn.


I then just stuck their real urns in the corner so they can still come out to haunt!

The bad news is, we lost Thomas. I went on sims wiki to see if he was an original character of Appaloosa Plains so I could just open a new town and save him, but he was not listed unfortunately 😦

RIP Thomas. You were a random elder that died on our lot, but you grew on me. I’ll miss having you around.


Now let’s see what everyone does first in their new house. Alex has gone straight for the darts. Have you ever played darts in your life?

Alex: I have no idea. I feel like a newborn sim in a grown man’s body. I must try everything!


Looks like Bart found the treehouse!

Bart: Everything feels strange. I seek answers. I must initiate contact with my alien brethren and to do that I must reach great heights. Is this tree close enough to the house to reach the roof?

K don’t go breaking anything!


Ciri went for the computer, and discovered something seemingly quite shocking.

Ciri: An ad popped up and it’s not child friendly! Oh my plumbob what even is that!?

I think she may be scarred for life.


Sam… well… Sam still likes to sit.

Sam: This chair feels different. Why is everything different? My tush does not appreciate these changes.


Cress, of course, went right to work toddler skilling. Being the torch holder means pretty much no free time.


So any luck making contact?

Bart: I’m still in the process of searching. This takes time.


So you gave up huh?

Bart: No way! I found them, and this is how I’ll reach them. When I propel high enough, I can leap off the swing and launch into space straight at their spaceship!

Seriously. Don’t break anything.


Somehow that is not the career I would have pictured Kai in…


Ciri: So this new house is pretty cool isn’t it?


Bart: No way. The old one was so much better. In fact, I’m trying to reach my alien family and maybe I can live with them instead of staying in this dumb place.


Oh look someone found the pool!

Alex: This is great! Finally I have someplace to get away from everyone! It gets crazy with so many kids in the house!

You have two children and a toddler.

Alex: And a pregnant wife and a father-in-law who’s slowly losing his mind.


No! Nuh uh! No way Jose! That is being DELETED!


Ciri: Hey that looks like fun!

Alex: Aw man this was my private spot.


Ciri: Not anymore it isn’t! This is Ciri’s spot now!


Bart: So is this how humans enjoy themselves? Is this what they call “the fun“?


Bart: No wait! This must be it! I find myself enjoying this more than the sitting!


Ciri: Ow I don’t know if I like this pool that much!


So the kids went on a field trip…

Bart: I was doing an experiment. I was observing how the humans react when another being wields what is considered a “dangerous object.”


They all wanted to go to the festival, so I figured “eh, why not?” See Sam running way ahead?


He found the hot dog eating contest.


Sam: I’m so gonna win this thing!


Sam: This is the best day ever! 😀


Sam: *Chokes* I regret everything.


Sam: This is painful!

Spoiler alert: he lost. He came in fourth.


You already had a snow cone.

Cress: But that was blue raspberry. My baby wants cherry. I have to satisfy my baby’s wishes too! And if that means two snow cones, I will have two snow cones.


Wow. You guys sure seem to be enjoying the festival.


Cress: My baby is happy. So I am happy.


Alex: Hey this is kinda fun! We should maybe get one to go along with the pool!


Alex: I take that back! Not fun! Not fun!


You sure look like you’re having fun.

Ciri: My snow cone is rainbow. So I can taste the rainbow. I’m overjoyed.

This kid has like zero expression.


Hey! You’re dancing again!

Sam: Getting outside, and participating in that hot dog eating contest (I thought I would die right there) made me realize I need to enjoy the time I have left. That means, less sitting and wallowing, and more dancing!

Cool, also when did you get your face painted?

Sam: That you would know if you had paid attention to me after the contest.


Cress: Hey dad? Would it be possible for you to dance somewhere else?

Sam: I’m afraid that is not something that can be done, dear.


Sam: Otherwise, how would you be able to –


Sam: Watch me shake –


Sam: My bootay!


Sam: Oh yeah! The dancing king is back!


Alex: My father-in-law is crazy. He’s gotta follow Debbie soon, right? How old is he again?

Whereas Ciri is always expressionless, Alex always has the most angry look on his face.


Cress: BART! I’m trying to potty train your sister!

Bart: I must use this particular bathtub at this precise moment.

And Bart hasn’t changed. There are THREE other bathrooms in this house! PICK A DIFFERENT TUB!


I see Ciri has gotten the hang of the whole diving thing.

Alex: Look at that swan dive. So elegant! So graceful! 10/10 sweetie!


Ciri: I do not hear him. I am deaf to all. Just enjoy this moment without the annoying chatter of your family able to bother you.


Sam: Oh my Plumbob she’s in labour! What do we do!?



Cress: What are you two on about? I’m fine. Stop screaming so I can concentrate.


Bart: Where are you going!?!? This is a crisis!!!

Sam: Gotta pee. This is taking too long.

Cress: Seriously. I’m fine. Go away.


Ciri: SHE’S HAVING A BABY! Someone help her!!!!!!

Cress: What is everyone’s problem right now? I’m just trying to enjoy a nice game of chess.


Cress: Wait I am having a baby!! HEY! Where are you going!? I’m in labour!!

Woman: It’s taking so long. Where’d Sam go? He’s a fine hunk of sim.


Iko: I thought I was here for the pool! No one said anything about a baby!

Cress: Finally! Someone’s here for the actual birth!


Iko: Ok, Cinder’s here. Passing the baton. Where’s my adorable little niece?

Cinder: You’re LEAVING ME with her!? I don’t know how to deliver a baby!!

Cress: It’s ok, I’ve done this twice already.


Cinder: TWICE!? And you’re doing it AGAIN!?

Also side note: None of them have kids anymore. I could have instant babied them, but I didn’t feel like it. Plus I just left them at the beginning of their age bars so they have time to produce kids all over again.


Kai: Cool. A baby.

Cress: It’s a girl! Just what I wanted!

Well I WANT A BOY! But yeah in this new world she wished for a girl instead of a boy. But I still want a boy so they’re having babies until I get one!

Anyway, this is Priscilla.

4.3 Priscilla

She is named after this lovely poet with a beautiful voice! Sim-Priscilla is a childish virtuoso who enjoys pop music, cookies, and the colour Irish green.


Ciri: You’re the best aunt ever! You should get a trophy for “Best Aunt of the Universe!”

Also, the reason all the family is here is cause I threw a pool party. Everyone wanted to throw one, so I figured why not? I needed them here to change the relationship to Cress anyway, because apparently the sims you’re editing need to be on the same lot as each other in order to do so.


What’s this? Another baby? And another GIRL!? Blame Sam for this set of twins.

Twin sets caused by Sam’s dancing: 2.

This one is Yennefer.

4.4 Yennefer

Named after Geralt (main character of the Witcher)’s love interest. Yen is an absent-minded loner who likes hip hop, veggie burgers, and aqua.


Cress: So… hehehe… Baby?


Alex: Another one? Don’t you think we have enough?

We don’t have another BOY though! I have NAMES I need to USE! If you give me just one boy I can give him middle names or something I just need ONE BOY!!


Thorne: Hey guys! I’m here for the party! What’d I miss?

Oh not much. Just the birth of twins. Why are you so late?


Thorne: The party don’t start till I get here! *Whips out bass* Let’s do this!

Ok to be honest he didn’t just whip out the bass. He went to our new fangled music room and took that one. I just thought it sounded more awesome the other way.


Everyone: Woo birthday!

Who’s birthday is it though?


Cerys: Really gotta pee. I’ll be right back.


Oh dear. That one was my bad. I didn’t wanna put her to bed cause she was gonna be growing up right away and then she could just find one… didn’t work out like that. -5


Ciri: This time of night is so relaxing. No more family. No more screaming. Ah. Nice.

She loves that pool.


What? Suddenly it’s day and the family is back? Yeah. I had to restart that whole day.

And apparently Bart can walk on water.

Bart: My communications last night seem to have resulted in some extra abilities.

Yeah, he was stuck. He couldn’t step over the edge of the pool to get out. I had to reset him.


You’re still a toddler?

Cerys: I’m never growing up!


Sam: You know, kid, your mom had twins because of me. That’s kind of my thing. I cause twins. Your aunts Charlie and Jody were also the result of me interfering.

Ciri: Woah that’s so cool grandpa! How do you do it?

Sam: Well –

Don’t give her any ideas!


Oh hey Fae! First ghost out at the new house! How’s it feel?

Fae: I’m still dead, so. Not so different.


Alex: Aw I wanted to hold her.

There’s a second baby right beside her.

Alex: But I wanted that one!


Hey you’re growing up finally!

When I looked it up, apparently something about CC was probably causing it. She wouldn’t load up CAS though to remove it, so I just deleted whatever she had been using from the game. Then I forced her to age up (that hadn’t been working earlier – she would just sit there and then cancel out the aging)


Oh God what is wrong with you?

Cerys: What is this not how people wear their hair?


That’s better. You’re so adorable!


Cerys: Aw really? That’s so sweet of you to say!


Cerys: But now I’m bored. What is there to do around here?

Swim in the pool?

Cerys: Something more of the indoor variety.

She got hates the outdoors. WELL. Originally she rolled unicorn. But I figured – that doesn’t make much sense, so I rolled again. (I have a mod that unlocks traits for toddlers/children but it also unlocks hidden traits so stuff like that happens sometimes. I couldn’t find anything else that unlocks for toddlers/children though so I deal with it)


Cerys: Mommy – I want more kids! This house should be filled to the roof with them! Daddy – Are you kidding me? More kids?


Cerys: Daddy – NO MORE KIDS! Die woman die!


Cerys: Mommy – But think of how happy they all make us! Don’t you want more happiness? Daddy – Hmm well alright then.


Cerys: Daddy – Psych! NO MORE KIDS I SAY!

I think Cerys is trying to let her mom know something.


Ciri: I am an astronaut!




Ciri: I weigh nothing here! This is so surreal!


Shouldn’t you be in school?

Ciri: Exploration does not wait for one to be done school! Exploration waits for no one!


Cerys: I have brown eyes now.

Yeah my game crashed and I had to start again from when she grew up. I also realized she grew up with blue eyes last time even though she had brown as a toddler. This time she grew up with brown eyes, but they’re still the wrong brown. I changed them in CAS when I realized.


Cerys: I’m sick of this! When will this cycle of not growing up and growing up end!? I just want to live!


Cerys: Everything disgusts me.

My God look at that face.


There I changed your eyes back to normal. Better?

Cerys: Oh yes it certainly is. Because the colour of my eyes makes me see the world so differently.

Are you sassing me?


This time Ciri actually went to school.


And Cerys just played video games instead of going on that rant at the dollhouse.

And that’s pretty much all the pics I have! I do have for the twins growing up but only one of them… so I’ll need to actually take a picture of the other one. And I might as well wait and write them both out at the same time!

So yeah! Hopefully I’m done with all the glitches and crashes and corruptions!


Self-wetting (5) -25
Passing Out (7) -35
Service-sim Visit (1) -5

Births (10) +50
Twin Births (2) +20
Honour Roll (8) +40

Fulfilling LTW (3) +120
Randomizing LTW for 1 generation (2) +20
Not using happiness points for 1 generation (2) +20

Painting of TH (3) +15

Total: +220

Chapter 3.3 – A Brand New Family

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