Chapter 3.2 – Oh Dear

Chapter 3.02.jpg

Last time on Losing My Sanity! we had babies! And the first baby of the new generation wasn’t even a legacy baby, but the result of yet another alien abduction! The second baby, however, was an eligible heiress! Onward!


Sam: Ngh how does Debbie do this almost every day? My arms are noodles!


Bart: This plastic resembles the beings I am observing. Could it be another species?


Bart: Hm no I am not tasting any life force. What is the point of this?


Cress: Now I know you’re not from here, but this is called a potty. You pee in it.

Bart: The contraptions these beings think up are fascinating!


Sam: Woohoo we haven’t had toys around in FOREVER! This is awesome!


Roach: Hey guys. Guys. I’m having a baby guys. Why are you all on the other side of the gate? It’s the miracle of life!


Roach: Behold my baby!


Aw he’s a cutie. I named him Barylka.

4 Barylka.jpg

He’s named after this dog, who I never actually discovered while playing the game. I was just looking for animals with names in the game, and read about him and thought he sounded awesome and I wish I had seen him while playing. Ah well.


Roach: Everyone! Hey! Come hither! I had a baby!

We get it Roach. You’re proud of your baby. Be quiet.


Barylka: The world is suddenly so big! I can move my legs!


Barylka: This doesn’t feel so steady…


Barylka: Hmm not so bad.

Roach: Flea, come here. I had a baby. Come meet your son. FLEA!

Flea: Give me a second! The ball got away from me again and I must catch it!


Roach: Hey where are you going? Don’t go far! I need you near me for proof I had a baby!

Barylka: Relax mom I’ve got an itch.


Barylka: Oh yeah, that’s the spot!


Barylka: That’s good stuff! This is what I’ve been missing!

Roach: My baby is weird.


Barylka: So you’re my dad huh?

Flea: Where did you come from?

Well you’re certainly observant.


Ciri: Guys I had a birthday!


Ciri: Woah I didn’t know my eyes could do that! That was so weird.


Iko: Who’s my cutest wittle niece? Why you’re my cutest wittle niece!

Ciri: Heehee I’m the cutest ever!

Aw I ❤ Iko!


Cinder: Well this was a cool party. I totally didn’t do anything to your tv. But anyway, I gotta go. Bye!

Ugh thanks a lot Cinder.


Cress: Come on Ciri! You can do it! Walk to mama!

Ciri: I’m using my legs!!

Jody: So exciting. It’s not like we don’t all learn to do it.


Ciri: Mama! I made it!

Cress: You sure did! Don’t listen to your great aunt Jody, honey. You’re amazing!


Sam: I can see everything that’s happening right now!

Oh my God Sam you’re possessed! Why are you doing this??


Ciri: I love my potty ❤

Aw this is my favourite toddler potty interaction! It’s adorable!


Debbie: I think I worked out too hard or something. My legs feel all light and such.


Debbie: Oh wait I’m just dying.


Cress: Mom no!!!

Alex: Eh she was a perv. I’d be lying if I said I’d miss her.


Debbie: PLEASE! I’m not ready to go yet! I have so much left to doooo!!

Cress: This is heartbreaking!

Alex: It’s fascinating watching this happen.


Grim: This place is filthy. Let me help you guys clean up a bit before I go. I got time.


This is Debbie’s carpool. Uh, guys, she just died, actually. You might as well head on out cause I don’t think she’ll be joining you.


Thomas! How goes it?

Thomas: There’s a new addition. She keeps trying to train everyone. I had to get out of there, she was driving me crazy!


Um, why you making dinner in the bathroom?

Alex: The aroma adds to the flavour!

… ok then …


Bart: I’ve finally gone mobile! You humans better not stand in my way!


Aww look at Alex taking care of the baby!


Cress: I’m pregnant again!

Alex: Another? I’m exhausted with just these two!

Well, Cress still wants a boy.


Ciri: This makes noise! Who saw that coming?


Um Sam, there’s a shower right behind you.

Sam: Taking a shower is too painful right now. Debbie took showers after her workouts.


A relative baby! Tristan is Jody’s son.


And Thorne is a daddy! That’s when I realized Iko should have had her baby by now.


Iko: Where’s my baby!? Why am I not pregnant anymore? GAH!

Yeah she was glitched. She was just standing there in her normal clothes, if I had Cress click on her the only option was “Take to hospital.” I tried resetting her, I tried resetting the household, nada. So I moved them out and then back in and that fixed it! She still wasn’t pregnant or anything though, so I instant babied her with Master Controller.


Alex: Look at this awesome lizard! It’s orange!

Cool. Go home.


Ciri: Um, this is supposed to be a private time.

Bart: Shh I’m just observing. I need content for my reports back home.


Cress: Um guys, I’m having another baby!

Yeah, not a lot happened during her pregnancy. She basically skilled toddlers and worked on her painting level so she could paint Alex before he grew older.


Cress: Are you kidding? I’ve wanted a boy since I was pregnant with Ciri.

Well that just means MORE BABIES!!

Anyway, this is Cerys.

4.2 Cerys.jpg

She is named after Cerys an Craite, a princess of Skellige who has the possibility of becoming queen (which she did in my game!) She is awesome, and one of my favourite supporting characters in the game! Obviously, since I named a baby after her.


Bart: I have become larger.

So you have. He gained Commitment Issues.


Um, Ciri, I don’t think that’s how you’re supposed to play.

Ciri: Shut up, I’m tired. I’m not thinking clearly!


Alex: Nyah nyah you can’t get me!

Bart: I beg to differ. I have perfect aim, puny human!


Sam, that’s not your bed.

Sam: It’s too painful sleeping in my bed.

Poor thing. It’s too bad Debbie was so much older than him 😦


In other news, Cerys is a toddler! She has an… interesting face. I spy Debbie’s eyes, and I don’t really know where that hair came from.


Ciri: Teehee did you hear that Bart tried to eat these dolls?

Cerys: Heeheehee really? He’s so dumb!


Hell yeah it’s ok! You go to your cousin’s! Although I guess technically you’re only related by marriage, but whatever! Mingle!


Terry: Dude what are you doing to my desk?

Bart: Are you saying the paper is not meant to penetrate the surface?


Levana: You smell like family! I love you!

Bart: What is this beast doing to my face!? I’m all wet now!

Aw that used to be our dog! Be nice to her!


And Ciri has caught up to Bart now! Maybe they’ll be friends?

Ciri: Friends with the alien spawn? Doubt it.

She is now Brave!


Alex: OMG why is she reaching for that area? Don’t touch me there!

Ciri: Relax dad I just wanna play tag.


Oh my goodness look how tiny she looks next to Flea! She’s like the size of his leg!


Cress: You better be a boy, baby!


Ciri: Why does this family allow everything to get so dirty? This is disgusting!


Alex: What is with my kids being pervs!? Don’t watch this!! Why are you in the door!?

Bart: I continue to observe the bathroom habits of the humans. They all appear to dislike when someone else enters the room while they are on the toilet. I may have been slightly too enthusiastic in entering, and appear to have become lodged in the door. This is unnerving. I may require assistance.


Bart: I NEED TO SHOWER! Leave woman! LEAVE!

Cress: How does it feel having someone else in the bathroom when you’re trying to do something?

God Bart. Seriously. Cress was in the middle of potty training Cerys when he walked in and shooed her. So I canceled it cause she was there first. He could find another shower. But he wouldn’t quit and then Cerys had made it to the other side of the house so I just gave up.


Cerys: I found a cool toy!

You know, she is kinda cute.


Ciri, honey, that’s gonna be a never ending job until that shower is fixed.


Barylka: It’s my birthday!


Barylka: Oh yes I am one handsome stallion!


Barylka: Watch out ladies! Barylka has come of age!

Flea: Yeah he’s gonna be a ladies’ man.


Flea: You get ’em tiger.

There, you have an actual halter now. You don’t wanna be walking around in a bridle all the time! That wouldn’t be comfy!

Anyway, that’s where things went all wrong. I was gonna play some more cause there were a lot of pics I wasn’t gonna use, so I figured I might as well get a bit more content, but the game wouldn’t load, even though it worked fine the day before. It would load the save like 99% of the way, then just stop. It wasn’t frozen or unresponsive or anything, it just wouldn’t load the rest. I tried like everything, but eventually I had to accept that it was just corrupt. And I couldn’t get it back. BUT! I’m not quitting, because I love this family too much. I’ll include what I did in the intro to the next chapter!


Self-wetting (5) -25
Passing Out (6) -30
Service-sim Visit (1) -5

Births (10) +50
Twin Births (1) +10
Honour Roll (8) +40

Fulfilling LTW (3) +120
Randomizing LTW for 1 generation (2) +20
Not using happiness points for 1 generation (2) +20

Painting of TH (3) +15

Total: +215

Chapter 3.2 – Oh Dear

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