Chapter 3.1 – Aliens Love Us

Chapter 3.01.jpg

Welcome back to generation 3! Last time, Debbie watched Cress and Alex get it on, while Sam stayed at a party way past the appropriate amount of time and basically made himself at home there. In fact, he still wasn’t home at the end of the chapter.


The owners of the house are getting kind of annoyed at him, and ended up kicking him out.


He ended up just standing on the porch, then tried to make a move on this woman.


Lady: What the hell? I don’t even know you! Get off of me!


Sam: *whimper* I really have to pee!



Luckily he did make it before he peed his pants. I’m telling you, no more parties!


Why does this keep happening?


Debbie! You better not cause yet another fire! It’s because of that darn absent-minded trait. It goes a little too far – I don’t think absent-minded people generally forget what they’re doing in the middle of cooking a meal.


Debbie: And you doubted me.


You are useless on freewill. You’re gonna get demoted after all that hard work getting you there!


Sam: Roach is awesome. I could watch her all day.

You could also go interact with her.

Sam: Nah. I like to watch.


Roach: I’m getting all dirty! Whee!


Roach: Have fun cleaning me now, humans!


Roach: Hurr hurr hurr


Most of what Sam has been doing since I stopped controlling him consists of going around sitting on anything that can be sat on.

Sam: I like to sit.


Sam: The computer’s broken.

Useless I tell you!


Cress: Kiss?

Alex: Oh my God no! Not with Debbie right there! She’s seen plenty already!

Debbie: Oh don’t mind me you two. Carry on!


Sam: Hey! Hey! It’s my birthday!


For some reason Cas also aged up the same day as Sam. But he’s younger…


Everything’s breaking!

Debbie: Don’t look at me. It was definitely like that before I got here. Probably Crescent Moon and Alex’s fault. You saw what they were doing here!


Cress: I found another horse!

That’s right! I moved in Alex and his horse, Flea! The reason is that there is no option to propose going steady showing up, even though they get to Extremely Irresistible. So I wanted him here to make sure he doesn’t start hooking up with random townies!


Sam: Why is my wife so obsessed with this Alex kid? I’ve barely spoken to her in ages and here she is hanging out with him?

If only you knew, Sam.


Baby!! First one of the new generation!


Roach: Who’s this new creature? He smells nice. Friend!

Now Roach has someone to interact with and Cress won’t have to worry about making sure her social bar doesn’t get too low!


Sam’s usually pretty good at not failing. Not always the most ideal solution, but whatever works!


Cress: Stupid broken tub. Stupid water. I hate this!

It’s only the beginning, my friend.


Hey Alex, you’ve got the wrong foot there.


Alex: Whoo I’m ready to go for a ride! 😀


Alex: Wait where’s the reins?

Roach: Woah!  A ball has appeared!


Alex: How’d they get over there?

Roach: I shall play with it!


Alex: Ok I’m ready now!

Flea: I’m not. Gotta empty my bladder.


Alex: Yay fun.

That is not how male horses pee. The peehole is a little farther forward and down for boys, guys. Anatomy.


Flea: Man I gotta replenish those fluids!

Alex: And when do we get to the actual riding?


Alex: Ok don’t go crazy on me now, Flea. I’m trusting you!


Debbie: Don’t mind me. Just here to put my girl to bed.


You know, she can just go there herself. And she can just walk right out if she wanted to.


Alex: What’s happening? What is this bright light? Help! HELP!

Welcome to the family, Alex. It seems like this is some sort of right of passage for this family. You’re not a true Sanity unless you’ve been abducted by aliens. You know, apparently there’s like a 2% chance of your sim being abducted… Psh more like 99% with my family.


Hey now if only you would put that to good use to actually getting promoted! I swear she’s been stuck at lvl 7 the whole time she’s been here.


Sam: Wife!

Debbie: Husband!

This is literally their first interaction since I stopped controlling Sam.


Debbie: You’re as fine as a selection of fresh produce.


Sam: Tell me more!


Another Sanity baby! I love these guys!


Ooooo looks like we’ll be getting a little alien addition to the family! It won’t be eligible for heir or anything, cause it’s not a Sanity, but it’ll be fun to have around!


Can you tell that Flea is a bit bigger than Roach? Hehehe I just realized that they’re both named after insects. This amuses me. Anyway, cause he is! I have a slider installed for that. I didn’t make him much bigger, but you can tell by looking at the ears!


Sam: TV’s broken.



Cress: Look at this cute little bug I found!

She wanted to catch a bug. It is now dubbed Leaf and lives on her dresser! This is probably the last we’ll see of it though.


Alex: What’s going on!? My stomach is glowing!! What’s happening to meeeee???

Looks like that abduction you had resulted in a little spawn!


Yeah, she wanted to join the Science career. So she quit her business job. Guess she realized it wasn’t for her after all!


Alex: Well, you’re a nice horse, aren’t ya?

Roach: You better not let Debbie see this. She gets jealous you know.


It was time. I had her do the shower first to get some skill points, and she’s at two now. Hopefully that’s enough! Don’t electrocute yourself!

Cress: I got this.


Alex: Are you kidding me? Again!?

Guess they wanted to check up on how their spawn was doing?


Haha I guess Jefferson got over his fear of the Sanities. Or at least Wolf.


Cress: Baby!

I thought it would be cute to have one the same age as the alien baby!


Well what could you two be up to?

Flea: Look away.


Flea: Hey Roach was right! This thing is the best!


Roach: What is this strange glowing creature?


Roach: Ah who cares? It brings food. I accept you, white one.


Debbie: My my Alex, you’ve gotten round as a baseball. You need to cut back on your food intake. Get back to the bod we all enjoy.


Alex: It’s not because of food!! It was because of that music the aliens played! GOD! I don’t like it any more than you do!

Debbie: Woah calm down there chub. Don’t go blaming the aliens for your problems.


I got some more stuff for the horses to do. Roach is testing out the race track, you just can’t see either of the markers from this angle.


Another Iko baby!


Psh yeah I’m keeping this kid!


Alex: What is this new level of pain!? I feel like my stomach’s gonna burst!


Alex: It’s glowing again!!


Alex: Oh it’s a baby! Hey I’m not fat anymore!

Meet Bart! A genius schmoozer who likes hip hop, autumn salad, and aqua like his dad.

4 Bart

Bart is named after this rock troll. I ❤ Bart and wanted to name a kid after him, but there are quite a few people I would like to name the kids after. Then we had the alien baby and I was like, that would be perfect for the troll! Then I can have the other names for the legacy kids but still have a kid named after Bart!! It worked out nicely 🙂


I also realized I never took an after pic from when Sam aged up. So here he is all elderified!


Cress needs to get her painting skill up so she can get that portrait of Alex done before they’re adults! I foresee a lot of moodlet manager in the future. With skilling, training of kids, and fixing broken items, Cress will be pretty busy!


Debbie: I found a weird green caterpillar!


Debbie: It eats! I think I’ll keep it.


Father-daughter bonding!


Alex: The stupid waffles BURNT! AUGH!


Alex: It’s ok. I’ll just have a cookie instead.


Nope. Nuh uh. Not happening.


You’re actually skilling for your career!? What kind of universe is this?


So Cress had like three wishes related to the spa. I figured she was trying to tell me something so she headed on over there for an expensive massage package!


Only to come out halfway through in labour. That’s like $1,500 wasted right there!

Cress: What should I have had the baby right there in the middle of my massage!?


Cress: No thanks. I’d rather go to the hospital.


Alex: I’m coming Cress! Wait for me! Don’t have the baby yet!!


Aw look it’s a pregnant Iko and her boyfriend? I don’t even know if they are or not. They have a baby together anyway. And a second on the way. So they’re something.


Cress: I had a girl but I wanted a boy.

Well that just means more babies! Anyway, this is Cirilla Sanity. She is an athletic cat person (that’s one of each in this legacy so far! Now we just need the all-encompassing animal lover to join the ranks) who enjoys R&B music, PB&J, and the colour purple.

4.1 Cirilla.jpg

Edit: I was looking to see about how long after Ciri Cerys was born cause her age got all messed up, when I realized I never introduced Ciri’s namesake. Awkward. Well here she is! Cirilla is the second main character of the game, and she is pretty awesome!


Look it’s Queen Levana! Hi Levana!!


Check out this adorable twin crib I downloaded. I love it!


Well I know I said no more parties… But it’s Thorne…


Cress: So will you finally be my boyfriend now that we have a baby together?

Alex: Eh why not?

The option FINALLY showed up! All it took was a baby.


Cress: Cool. Will you marry me too?

Alex: OMG for me? Yes!!


Why are you home?

Sam: I didn’t want you to get mad at me for staying out late like the last party I went to. So I came home extra early.

Did you even go to the party at all?

Sam: I dunno. I’m dressed for it aren’t I?

That does not mean anything with you. I don’t think you even went. Or you at least got there then turned right around and came home.

Sam: Believe what you will. Just don’t get mad at me for it. That would be conflicting.

Alex & Cress: Yay we’re getting married!


Right now!


Cress, honey, that’s an engagement ring. You already gave it to him.

Cress: It’s called recycling.


And in celebration of marriage, Alex eats her face.


Debbie: I found another caterpillar! I love these things!


Well there’s one less now that Bart is a toddler! Look at him in all his alien glory!

And that is the end of this chapter. But there’s plenty more on the way!


Self-wetting (5) -25
Passing Out (5) -25
Service-sim Visit (1) -5

Births (9) +45
Twin Births (1) +10
Honour Roll (8) +40

Fulfilling LTW (3) +120
Randomizing LTW for 1 generation (2) +20
Not using happiness points for 1 generation (2) +20

Painting of TH (3) +15

Total: +215

Chapter 3.1 – Aliens Love Us

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