Chapter 3.0 – It’s A Horse!

Chapter 3.01.jpg

It’s a new generation of the Sanities! Let’s begin with an introduction, shall we?

3.0 Crescent Moon Sanity.jpg

Crescent Moon (or Cress) is the youngest of Gen 2! She aims to master handiness and logic in life! Seeing as how this is a legacy, I’m sure she’ll have no issue with handiness! I don’t doubt we’ll be seeing a lot of broken sinks, toilets, and showers!


Before we jump into the lives of only three sims for once, let’s take a look at the brand new house built for this generation! It’s so much bigger than the last one! Still only one story though, cause I try to stay away from multiple floors as much as possible.


Ok, upper left is the game room of sorts, leading to a sort of connecting chamber. Bottom left is the garage, duh, with the kitchen/dining room/living room to the right of it. Then there’s the computer/reading room, with Sam and Debbie’s room and bathroom beside it. In the very bottom right is a bedroom/bathroom yet to be used. Above them is another bedroom/bathroom that will become the nursery, and above that is Cress’ room and bathroom!


There’s also a stable! Cause Cress is an Equestrian, and we get horses!!


And look! I built a crypt in the basement! This will house all the heirs and spouses! And Thomas. Remember him? The random dude that died on our lot? Yeah that’s him in the sad grey box on the floor. He doesn’t get a shelf or painting, but he does get to stay!


And what’s the first thing anyone does in the new house? Debbie hops on the treadmill for a workout.

Debbie: No time to admire the new place. I gotta keep these buns in shape!


Cress wanted a chemistry set.

Cress: I will discover all the potions! What could go wrong?


But first, we must welcome a new addition to the family! Our very first horse! Meet Roach. She is playful, agile, and brave.

4 Roach

Roach is named after Roach, of course! Can you guess the naming theme this generation? It’s The Witcher 3! I loved that game and was super happy with my ending πŸ™‚


Roach: Wheeee this thing is awesome!


Roach: I think I’m stuck.


Roach: Seriously I may need some help here.


Roach: Why are you following me? Thanks for the help with the ball by the way.

You’re too entertaining to leave alone!!!


Cress: Success! I present to you: Liquid Horror!

What’s it do?

Cress: No idea!

Speaking of which, I still need to test it out. Mental note to do that soon.


Look at Iko being all successful! She’s someone’s boss!


I decided to get Cress’ portrait done and out of the way. I waited till Sam was all green, and he finished it in one go! It’s kinda washed out, but I think that’s cause of the lighting in the room. It’s fine though, I don’t mind it!


Sam: It’s my turn to discover a potion! Didn’t look so hard.


Sam: Ack! Cough cough! What’d I do wrong!?


Sam: I’m all burnt!


Sam: It makes me look weird πŸ˜›


Sam: Blaaaahhhh!


Sam: Hahaha I crack myself up!

Nice to see you being productive on free will Sam.


More horse spam. Sorry. I’m enjoying this too much. I’m a huge horse person in real life, so that may have a tad to do with it.


K but may I just say what the worst part about picking the back hooves are? The possibility of being pooped on? Nah. I mean, you always gotta be vigilant, but as long as you’re quick you can just move out of the way. No. The worst part is when the horse farts. Oh my god. Horse farts are the most foul smelling things. Plus there’s the moment when the horse lifts the tail and you’re like “You pooping?” and then it just lets one rip right by your head. It’s terrible. Don’t get farted on by a horse. You will not enjoy it.


Roach: OMG carrot!?


Roach: Carrot πŸ™‚ Yum!


Sam: The computer’s making fun of me cause I’m burnt!

Well have a shower then. You know, I kinda forgot Sam was insane. He rarely shows it, and I had just gotten used to the random outfits thing so that didn’t really mean anything.


Sam: Nah I’d rather just have a drink to numb the pain.


Really? That’s your career of choice? Ok then. I was hoping to just focus on the horse, but whatever you want.


Roach: These people are awesome! They’ve all got carrots!


So I had put down a man for Cress, but never got any updates on him so I tracked him down with MC and found him… manning the food booth at the festival. Really? You have a career-related LTW. Are there limited spots in the careers or something?


Cress: I want to say hi but he won’t turn around.

K stop being creepy and just let him know you’re there.


This guy is just embracing his inner ballerina. You go guy.


Whatcha doin’ Sam?

Sam: Spreading hay for the horse.


Sam: CauseΒ someone isn’t here to do it for her own horse. *Grumble*

Hey she needs to lock down her man.


Um no you just got one. That second stall is saved.


Oh hey Thomas! How’s it feel to be the first ghost out and about in the new house?

Thomas: It makes me happy that you kept me πŸ™‚

Aw how can you abandon that face?


What? This literally popped up when Cress was talking to Debbie. There’s no way that’s true.


Yay graduation! Well she is going into Business, so I could see that coming true.


Hehehe remember Jefferson? I figured, eh, why not? Let’s see how this goes.


Cress: So how does it feel being officially graduated?


Jefferson: It’s cool and all but I’m kinda worried about the whole job aspect.

So far so good…


Jefferson: Wait! You’re Crescent MoonΒ Sanity!Β You’re part of that psycho family I visited one time! You should be ashamed!


Cress: Nah I have an awesome car so I have nothing to be ashamed about.

Jefferson: Yawn. Suddenly this date seems like a terrible idea.

Yeah. I didn’t really expect this to go well anyway πŸ˜›


Cress: I didn’t even take part in any of that stuff that went down with Jefferson last time. Why does he hate me? 😦

Aw it’s ok. Just drink your drink and go home. You have a better man lined up anyway!


So Debbie was invited to Dean’s party and I figured I’d let her go. And look it’s Iko! Love ya Iko!

Iko: I don’t even know why I bothered to show up to this party. Everyone’s old.


Oh look. It’s Debbie’s turn to be abducted.


So cause of Cress and Debbie’s full days, no one interacted with Roach all day and I got a social worker warning. So Cress had to wake up and head out in her underwear to make sure Roach wouldn’t get taken away before morning. Sorry buddy, I’ll do better!


Yay! A baby!


Debbie, it’s like 3 am. Why are you still out? And talking to a random little kid?


Kid: Ah! Why are you reaching for my face? Who even are you!?


Debbie: Why you’re just the cutest kid I have ever laid eyes on! Cootchie coo!

They ended up almost being friends πŸ˜›


Seriously you’ve been there all night just interacting with random kids and dogs. You’re exhausted. Go home and sleep!


Hey! He traded in the old woman for a younger one! Go Thorne!


Debbie: I’m so tired.

Go to bed!

Debbie: Nah I have to pee.


Debbie: And maybe shower. I stink.

Go to bed!


Luckily she did go have a nap. Work starts in a bit though so she can’t fully rest up.


Cress: I love you Roach ❀


It worked! Positive results!


Cress: I just wanted to talk to Alex 😦

Oh yeah. That’s his name by the way.


Oh my God Debbie. You’re done work so go HOME and SLEEP!

Debbie: No it’s important that I build this igloo right now.

Can you at least sleep in it when you’re done?


Aw Levana 😦




No. -5


Cress: Your hands are so strong. I bet this snowman will turn out nicely.

Alex: I sure do make a mean snowman!


Cress: You’re still way down there?

Alex: Hey. It’s my zone. It’s the biggest ball. It’s gotta be perfect πŸ˜‰

God you guys. Get a room.


You sure do!


Cress: What? Do I have something on my face?

Alex: No I’m laughing at your funny story. Can’t you tell?


Alex: Here is this better? Can you tell I’m laughing now?


Alex: So whatcha think?

Cress: You’re a dork.


Well at least you found a chair to sleep on. I really should stop sending my uncontrollable sims to parties. They just don’t leave and then they get exhausted.


Raul: What are you doing?

Sam: Eating. What’s it look like? You’re the one who invited me to the party.

Raul: It’s 6 am…


It’s about time! No more food stand!!


Another Sanity baby! Yay! This generation is doing so much better than the last πŸ˜€


Dude you’re still there? Go home and sleep!

Sam: It’s all good. All I need is some coffee and I’ll be perked right up!


Sam: Caffeine overdose

Don’t do it.


Ok that’s it. No more parties! -5


Seriously. You don’t live here.

He still hasn’t left either. It’s late at night the day after the party and he’s still there. Exhausted. Hasn’t passed out again yet though which is good.


Cress: So when are you gonna dip your quill in my ink if you know what I mean?

Alex: Well when do you want me to? πŸ˜‰


Cress: How bout now?


Alex: Now’s good. I like now.


Cress: Mom? What are you doing?

Debbie: Darn hooligan is using our shower. I gotta tell him off.

Cress: Ok but before you do just let me squeeze by for a second.


Debbie: What fo- Oh. Well would you look at that.


Cress: Ok mom, you can tell him off now.


Debbie: Oh I’d like to tell him off.


Debbie: Tell him off real good.


Debbie: Hoo boy. You snagged a good one there sweetie.

And on that note, that’s all I got for now! Next time: babies? Will Debbie try to steal Alex out from under Cress’ nose? We shall see!


Self-wetting (5) -25
Passing Out (5) -25
Service-sim Visit (1) -5

Births (8) +40
Twin Births (1) +10
Honour Roll (8) +40

Fulfilling LTW (3) +120
Randomizing LTW for 1 generation (2) +20
Not using happiness points for 1 generation (2) +20

Painting of TH (3) +15

Total: +210

Chapter 3.0 – It’s A Horse!

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